Happenings February 24-28

Epiphany: Seeing with new eyes

That’s the whole story of these past seven weeks –

we’ve come past exotic stories of kings and desert adventures

to a glimpse of Jesus and his friends coming to grips

with a starker – even a life and death – view of reality.

Join us Sunday at 10 as we try to understand…

The First Congregational Church of Verona

19 Church Street, Verona

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First Sunday in Lent, Feb. 18

Rather than an Ash Wednesday evening worship service, we will commemorate the start of Lent during the service on Feb. 18, We will again provide an opportunity to name something you want to give up or work on in your own life during Lent and then burn to make ashes. Please try to join us for this meaningful way to start the Lenten season.

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All are Welcome

Our welcome isn’t just bricks and glass on Sunday.

As a community that cares for each other all the time, not just now and again in a separate space, we invite you to our weekly sermon and prayer so we might share a moment here and now…

19 Church Street, Verona, NJ

973-239-3212 / webmaster@firstcongverona.org

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